224 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

February 23, 2017
Purchased: 2017

Nicola Crosby, the real estate division of Nicola Wealth Management Ltd., is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 12,078 sf development site located at 224 West 8th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, in partnership with Rendition Developments Inc.

The proposed development will comprise approximately 36,000 square feet of commercial, light industrial and office space.

Special Thanks To:
  • Rendition Developments Inc. (Joint Venture Partner)
  • Brokers – Darren Starek & Ed Ferreira (CBRE)
  • Financing – Derek Campbell (Citifund)

For more information, please contact any of the following:

Mark Hannah
Mark Hannah Managing Partner & Director 778-383-6937
Alex Messina
Alex Messina Director of Acquisitions 778-383-4020
Shaun Blythen Acquisitions Manager 604-558-5500

About Nicola Crosby

Nicola Crosby Real Estate, a subsidiary of Nicola Wealth Management Ltd., sources properties for the SPIRE Real Estate portfolios. For a complete listing of our portfolio please visit

About SPIRE Real Estate Portfolios

SPIRE Real Estate LP is an investment portfolio comprised of retail, industrial, office, hotel, seniors and self-storage properties totaling 3.7 million square feet located in major Canadian markets. SPIRE US LP is an investment portfolio comprised of office, retail and industrial properties located in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Houston and Chicago. The portfolio also includes interests in over 14,000 multi-family apartment units located in the South and Southeast US. SPIRE Value Add LP is a new addition to the SPIRE and SPIRE US investment portfolios and focuses on generating returns through re-sale of investments in multiple projects using “value-add strategies.”

About Rendition

Rendition is a vertical organization which works directly with architects and engineers and manages all aspects of the development and construction from acquisition to completion.  Rendition has over 20 years of experience and is currently working in Vancouver on the development of approximately 350,000 square feet through various projects.